Pre-Delivery Inspections (PDI)

PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection)

Our pride is in the details. Before your apparatus arrives at your department we do a complete review of factory inspections including the following:

  • Full operational testing of equipment
    • Engine Compartment: check for unprotected hoses, electrical and air lines, check all fluid levels and check for any broken mounting brackets of or fluid leaks.
    • Undercarriage: lift the apparatus with the ARI-HETRA lift system, look for fluid leaks, check oil levels in gear boxes, check fuel tank and inspect DPF and SCR units closely.
    • Walk Around: Open all the doors, latches, operate all windows and locks, check upholstery and lights, exercise folding steps and pump panels.
  • Test Drive:  Take the apparatus for a test drive of approximately 20 miles to get all drive train components up to operating temperature. Try to include main highways, secondary rural roadways, and a section of typical city streets to get a feel for the way the apparatus reacts in each type of roadway including  rough pavement. 
  • Correction of all items discovered (PDI) prior to final release for wash & detail
  • Consulting /mounting of loose equipment
  • Radio Installation
  • Wash and Detail
  • Delivery / Orientation / DMV
  • Apparatus specific training is scheduled after final delivery


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