Mid Mount Platform

Reaching heights of 100′ vertically and 93′ horizontally, the Ascendant 100′ Mid Mount Platform Aerial packages a 5-section heavy-duty steel tower onto a vehicle with a low overall height of 10’8″ and length of only 41’3” with a rear overhang of a rear-mount that minimizes tail-swing, it offers superior maneuverability and greater visibility.

The Ascendant 100′ Mid Mount Platform Aerial Tower is available on a variety of custom chassis and body styles to meet your department’s needs. Its integrated ground pads eliminate time spent throwing ground pads, so setup is streamlined and faster than any other aerial on the market. Configured as shown with a rear axle rating of only 48,000 lb, it outperforms with a 1,000 lb tip load capacity, up to 20-degree below grade operation, and a below grade 50-degree scrub area. All of this is accomplished at a mere 20′ set-back from the building.

Heavy-Duty Sky-Boom Water Tower

Pierce’s Heavy Duty Sky-Boom Water Tower is the smart choice for communities that need aerial firefighting power but also demand value for their investment. This compact, lightweight workhorse is custom built to deliver everything you expect from Pierce.

The Pierce® Sky-Boom, in your choice of 55′ or 61′ reach (16.76m or 18.59m), delivers an unrestricted 500 lb (226.8kg) dry tip load rating and a 250 lb (113.4kg) tip load while flowing 1,000 gpm (3,785 L/m) of water. And you can travel where you’re needed with the Pierce Sky-Boom: It is the lowest of any elevated water tower apparatus with its unique fold-down handrails, resulting in an overall travel height of only 10’8″ (3.25m). Fixed handrails are also available which bring the overall travel height up slightly to 11’4″ (3.45m).

One set of A-style stabilizers with a 12’10” (3.91m) spread provide rock-solid strength and easy set-up. The aerial ladder features wide steps, spaced 14″ (36cm) apart for safe, quick ascension. Heavy-duty and errated rung covers provide the ultimate traction and visibility.

Rear Mount Platform

When maximum water flow and payload are essential, the Pierce Rear Mount Platform product is your choice. Every square inch has been designed to improve your safety and help you perform at your peak. The Pierce basket leveling system allows for smooth, precise leveling throughout the full range of aerial operation, making it easy to transport firefighters and victims. Easily access the basket from the ladder. A fully illuminated basket interior lets you see what you’re doing.

Rear Mount Aerial

The Pierce Rear Mount Aerial can be counted on in the riskiest of situations, like flowing water in resilient winds, on uneven terrain and in the middle of dense ice storms. Pierce Rear Mount Aerial’s are built tough. You won’t be let down, no matter what circumstance you find yourself in.


The Ascendant heavy-duty ladder Tiller configuration offers numerous advantages and performance enhancements – resulting in longer reach both vertically and horizontally, higher tip loads, and higher flow ratings. You’ll have all the same performance characteristics of the Ascendant heavy-duty ladder that you’re accustomed to – 107′ vertical reach, 100′ horizontal reach, 750 lb tip load, 1,500 gpm flow without compromising on water capacity, performance, or safety. The improved set-up capabilities allow jack-knife angle up to 60°. We’ve also reduced the overall vehicle weight of this configuration by 4,000 lb – giving fire departments more flexibility with their configurations – whether it be lighter axle ratings, increased water capacity, or more storage options.