Collision Repair

Body Shop

Details matter each and every time. Our diagnostic technicians partner with you to reduce your total cost of ownership and get your vehicle back into service as soon as possible. Our in-house body shop provides direct access to trained and experienced body repair professionals.

Modern Indoor Work Facility

We operate out of a 33,814-square-foot facility that contains 18 functional working bays. We continually invest in tools and equipment so that your emergency vehicle receives the utmost care, while reducing the man-hours required to get the job done right.

Organized Processes

Our systems are honed and refined to ensure every detail gets proper attention. Your team has full visibility and thorough, accurate documentation on all repairs and maintenance.

Certified Technicians

Long before NFPA 1071 became a nationwide requirement, our Golden State emergency vehicle technicians (EVT) were training toward and certifying to that comprehensive standard. The service and repair staff includes EVT professionals who are factory-trained by Pierce and have ASE and EVT certifications. This includes extensive recurrent training on the chassis, body, electrical systems and aerial devices.

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