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Electric fire engines offer municipalities the possibility to achieve zero emissions with no compromise on safety, response or operational effectiveness. Your apparatus design should not be sacrificed to go green.


There are several electric fire engines on the market today. All brands use power stored in batteries for apparatus propulsion, have external charging ports to recharge depleted batteries and backup power sources. SO, what sets Volterra apart from the competition:

  • Designed around a traditional fire apparatus fire personnel are familiar using which greatly reducing operations training.
  • Safer – Battery and high voltage devices mounted above frame rails behind cab where protected from vehicular impact.
  • Maintenance friendly commonly used class 8 vehicle components allowing traditional maintenance by mechanics without specialized training. Specialized training only required for high voltage batteries and components within the high voltage compartment.
  • If batteries are depleted due to long or continued operational requirements, a small internal combustion engine seamlessly provides direct power to the electro-mechanical infinitely variable transmission (EMIVT) for continued propulsion and pumping operations.  
  • As battery technology advances, battery storage design allows for increased capacities without redesigning the remainder of apparatus.
  • Designed by experts with vehicle electrification experience staring in 2000

Check out these departments that already have an electric fire engine in service!

Portland, OR

A 2023 Pierce Enforcer Volterra electric pumper was recently put into service in downtown Portland, Oregon at Portland Fire & Rescue station one. 


Gilbert, AZ


Not only is it a first for Arizona, but the Gilbert Fire Department is among the first in the nation to get an electric fire engine.


Madison, WI

Reduce emissions, minimize fuel and produce less noise with no compromise on apparatus features, performance, functionality and safety with an electric fire engine.

We will keep you up to date on the advancement of electric fire engines and how it will evolve the fire service industry.

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