WalkAround Videos

WalkAround Videos

Merced Fire Department

Pierce Truck


"Merced Fire, a first time BME Fire customer.  They purchased a stock unit and quickly made it their own with custom graphics matching their fleet.  Always professional and easy to work with, looking forward to more projects in the future."

Truckee Fire Protection district

Pierce 107' Enforcer


"Truckee Fire Protection District, a first time Pierce Customer worked nearly 2 years on this project.  Chief Matt Parkhurst and his team were truly professional, knowledgeable and detailed oriented. It was a pleasure to work with Truckee Fire, I look forward to future projects together."

Berkeley Fire Department

2022 Pierce Water Tender


"The Berkeley Fire Department has been a longstanding  customer and knew exactly what they wanted in a water tender.  We were fortunate to have the opportunity to sit and wait for a “Pierce Stock” unit to come available and they were quick to jump on this golden opportunity.  They purchased a beautiful water tender that will service the City of Berkeley and their challenging response area well.  Captain John Conti and B/C Paul Cavagnaro are skilled professionals with fleet design and procurement, and in this case it was that product knowledge that directed them to a unit with short lead time that met their operational criteria."

Orland Fire Department

Pierce Enforcer PUC Pumper


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Wheatland Fire Authority

Pierce 174" Enforcer - "Daisy"


  • Wide single windshield
  • Brow light
  • American Flag
  • Air Wide seats
  • A/C cab
  • Foam Pro 1600
  • 900 gallon capacity
  • Chiefs Hopper
  • Specialized shelving
  • Locking Differential
"Wheatland Fire Authority, a first time Pierce customer who found Golden State Fire Apparatus on Facebook.  Chief Art Pacquette was extremely energetic and a joy to work with, he had his specific requests, he wanted scene lighting and his hopper, Pierce provided both plus much more.  The power of social media worked its magic here, Daisy will provide years of service to the citizens of Wheatland."

Boulder Creek Volunteer Fire District

2020 Pierce Enforcer


  • Purchased by Community
  • Short wheel base
  • Pedestrian warning device
  • Clean cab
  • No SCBA in cab
  • Stokes basket storage
  • 35′, 24′, and 14′ ladders
  • Low ladders for height requirement for fit in station
  • 2 Amkus winches in front and back
  • Fallen Fire Fighters’ memoriam decal
  • Air primer
"This unit was a huge challenge due to a very low apparatus bay that could not be modified any further. The customer was VERY cooperative in helping make the final product fit. They are thrilled with their unit, and the exposure it gained on the CZU fire was instrumental in GSFA securing several orders for similar units within Santa Cruz and Monterey County."


2020 Pierce Saber

Truck Specs:

  • Angled taper front bumper
  •  Eye hooks upfront
  • Front bumper line
  • Full light bar, LED lights and brow light
  • LED Cab light
  • LED water indicator light, side and rear
  • Custom backboard storage
  • Tool chest
  • Two-sided pull out tool storage
  • Extra hose storage
  • Special auto extrication storage
  • Forward facing seats
"This was one of my most satisfying builds because we had a budget figure to work with, and when I changed gears to make the unit a Florida build, it opened up a world of new options. We were able to make them a 100% custom unit at a reduced price, which left funds leftover for them to assist in equipping the engine. Very small City and this unit is the star!"

Sacramento Fire Department

2021 Pierce Enforcer Clean Cab

Truck Specs:

  • Cummins L9 Small Block Motor
  • Allison 3000 Transmission
  • 450 Horsepower
  • 1450 foot pounds of torque
  • Increased safety
  • Full width windshield
  • Right-side camera
  • High visibility lighting package
  • Clean Cab – stainless steel, wipeable surfaces
  • Communications box
  • 500 gallon tank
  • 18 gallon hot water fresh tank
  • LED light steps
  • Specialized storage to stop things from rolling around
  • Def on top of fuel
  • Special space for bolt cutters
  • “Keep Back 343 Feet” – memorial to FDNY fire fighters
  • Extra SCBAs storage
  • 14′ and 24′ ladders
"Sacramento Fire, a long time Pierce & Golden State customer.  A very Traditional and Aggressive organization, they are always looking for ways to improve their equipment.  "Clean Cab" provided some reservations, but they took the challenge and ran with it".  Always professional and a pleasure to work with."

Folsom Fire Department

Skeeter Type 5 Apparatus

Truck Specs:

  • Custom aluminium bumper
  • F550 Chassis
  • Big off-road tires
  • 6″ Fabtech lift kit
  • Deployable amp research steps
  • Custom center console
  • 360 degree illumination
  • Heighten body for storage space
  • Medical storage space
  • 100 gpm pump at 140psi
  • 20 gallon foam cell
  • 400 gallons of water
  • Separate gas supply for pump
  • Hose mounted off the rear
  • Custom storage for 100 feet of Wildland hose
"Folsom FD is an amazing customer, professional in every way, extremely detailed and thoughtful in everything they do. Nick Lawlor embodies everything they are about – the citizens of Folsom are in good hands”"