The fire apparatus leaders in innovation, performance and quality.

Pierce manufactures a wide range of fire and rescue products for industrial, wildland and municipal customers.

Based in Appleton, Wisconsin, Pierce Manufacturing has built quality apparatus since 1913. Golden State Fire is proud to deliver the Pierce tradition of excellence to Northern and Central California departments and municipalities.

Behind every Pierce truck is a team of professionals whose mission is to build your truck, exactly how you requested it.

The pierce build process


Visit other departments to evaluate newer apparatus. Research manufacturer delivery lead times and plan order date accordingly.

Establish your requirements and document them.


Specification and proposal development with your Golden State sales consultant.

Order is placed and job number is assigned in the sequence received


Contract Review
Order reviewed by engineering groups. Major components (motor, transmission, etc.) with long lead times are ordered early.

Approval Package
Pre-construction stage of  process (at either the customer location, OEM factory or GSFA facility)

Contract Administration
Returned pre-construction packet is reviewed by OEM project manager

Detailed Enginerring
Advanced engineering review is performed by all engineering groups (cab, body, plumbing, electrical, aerial, etc.)

Order Released
Order is released to the manufacturing division (end of phase one)


All components have to be
accounted for before proceeding to next step

Fabrication Begins
Individual modules and small components are manufactured (chassis, cab, pumphouse, body, aerial, etc.)

Weekly photo reports begin
(if applicable)

Initial Assembly
Vehicle enters the production line for assembly of all modules


Customer Factory Midpoint Inspection
(if applicable)


Final Assembly
Includes all testing requirements (UL and NFPA, components, overall vehicle functionality)


Customer Factory Final Inspection
(if applicable)


Resolve Issues
Resolve issues identified at
final inspection (if applicable)


Pre-Delivery Inspection
Vehicle is inspected, any identified issues resolved and detailed


Final Delivery
Vehicle is delivered to Customer’s location (if applicable)


Demonstration and Familiarization of Product
(if applicable)

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