GSEVS Service Process

GSEVS Service Process

The Process is the Solution

When it comes to having your apparatus serviced, your attention and participation is key in moving your apparatus through the process more efficiently. We know and respect how important it is to get that truck back in service. Help us, help you. Please see our process below.

Step 1 Initial Service Request

The majority of customers initiate their vehicle repairs and maintenance through our Service Request Portal.


Some customers call us to discuss their request first, or discuss in person if they are already on site for another vehicle pick-up. In those minority cases, the request goes through a research step to gather the missing information.

Step 2 Info Verification

Vehicles with complete info such as engine hours, pump hours, pictures or video, and a clear description of the issue(s) to address are given top priority in our Supply Line software system.

Vehicles with incomplete information are placed in low priority and an additional research step is scheduled.

Step 3 OOS Evaluation

We verify and categorize vehicles according to our own GSEVS out-of-service (OOS) criteria. This provides equal treatment to all our customers since vehicles are evaluated by the exact same standards.

Step 4 Prioritization

Vehicles are sorted into a service priority level (SPL) based on the goal to get as many working vehicles into fire departments, as quickly as possible, so they can protect their communities. 

These priorities are: 

  • Verified OOS
  • Warranty Repairs
  • New Deliveries
  • All Other Requests

Step 5 Service Tier Graduation

Our service admin team scrubs the current status of vehicles twice a week to update the priority order and automatically email our customers* with the status of their vehicle. We consistently move vehicles from the queue to Tier 3, which means we are actively working on your vehicle.


*Only the authorized point(s) of contact will receive the status update emails, so it’s important to provide that information during the initial service request.

Step 6 Vehicle Intake

Vehicles are brought to our service shop only when they’re ready to be worked on. We won’t have your rig sitting in a back lot for months on end. Our process keeps you updated as to when the vehicle should be brought in, so be ready! We don’t want you to lose your place in line.

Change Orders

Additional service requests constitute a change order in the scope of work, and are treated as a separate, new service request. These are evaluated by our same OOS / SPL criteria and placed into the Supply Line software system. A vehicle may need to return to our shop due to parts lead times, service tech scheduling, and other fire departments’ vehicles that are previously scheduled for service.

Service Team

We have over a dozen full-time technicians, one of which is fully dedicated to aerial maintenance and another is dedicated to chassis maintenance. Additionally, our service admin team keeps the flow of trucks moving efficiently through the shop.