rich myers

GSFA Sales Consultant:  January 5, 2005 to Present

Total Years of Experience in the Fire Industry: 38

Rich started his career with a 6.5-year stint in the US Army, including two tours in Germany. Upon separation in 1983, Rich was hired as a student firefighter at Columbia College FD for 2 years, then after one season as a seasonal FF with Cal Fire TCU, he was hired full time with Tracy Fire in 1985, where his father had also worked for 7 years.


Rich worked as an FF/Mechanic for 6 years, and then in 1994, was given the responsibility as the fleet manager, where he stayed until 2005. Rich was promoted to Captain in 1999, where he stayed until retirement. During this time as a customer, Rich secured seven units from Pierce including a 1998 105′ AWS ladder truck. Rich was able to balance his fire job, along with his sales responsibilities at GSFA all the way until his retirement in 2015 after a 30-year career in what is now known as South San Joaquin Fire Authority. As mentioned above, Rich is also proud to be a second-generation firefighter.

Counties Served

Monterey, Santa Cruz

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