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Type 6

The Skeeter Rescue-Side is our flagship body, tested and proven in wildland applications with over 400 units currently in-service.  The Rescue-Side can increase your body compartment storage by up to 50 cubic feet, offering two additional vertical compartments and an optional transverse storage fully customizable for backboards, stokes basket, long tools, cross-lays or slide-outs.  Four additional lower-body compartment options are also available to maximize available body space.The Skeeter Rescue-Side can increase your body compartment storage.


Available on most commercial chassis and loaded with flexibility, just the way you need it. Our units are simple to operate easy to maintain and maximize truck efficiency. These highly mobile apparatus can fight fires offensively with minimal man power needs.

Type 6 - "Ponderosa"

The Ponderosa type 6 is the ideal urban quick response vehicle. Designed with a rescue body configuration it provides a multi-platform for fire suppression and rescue. Integrated 1.5 Darley 24HP Kubota auxiliary pump, 250-gallon poly-tank, long handle tool storage, backboards, and paramedic gear compartments that keep you and your crew organized and ready for frequent quick responses.

  • Multi-use Rescue body configuration
  • 250 Gallons of Water / 10 Gallon Foam Cell
  • Quick Response
  • SCBA bottle storage