dave klockzien

GSFA Sales Manager:  April 17, 2017 to Present

Total Years of Experience in the Fire Industry: 27

Dave comes to us with vast technical experience on fire apparatus. Dave began his career in 1996 working at Pierce Manufacturing where he held positions as Electrician, Electrical Production Engineer, Control Systems (Command Zone) Software Programmer/Designer, Command Zone Trainer, and Electrical Product Coordinator/Manager. 


Dave’s technical knowledge of apparatus control systems and functionality provide unique understanding of how apparatus systems function and capabilities of each system. After Pierce, Dave worked as a sales Consultant assisting Pierce Dealerships with specification creation, vehicle inspections and customer care. As Sales Manager for GSFA, Dave continues to work with Fire Departments on apparatus sales, contracts, CRM creation as well as overseeing GSFA activities at Pierce Manufacturing in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Counties Served

San Mateo

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