Rear Mount Aerial

The Pierce Rear Mount Aerial can be counted on in the riskiest of situations, like flowing water in resilient winds, on uneven terrain and in the middle of dense ice storms. Pierce Rear Mount Aerial’s are built tough. You won’t be let down, no matter what circumstance you find yourself in.

Ascendent® Class of Aerials

Go where no aerial apparatus has gone before! The Ascendent® Class of Aerials includes the following configurations:

Ascendant 100′ Heavy-Duty Aerial Tower
Ascendant 107′ Heavy-Duty Aerial Ladder
Ascendant 107′ Tiller Heavy-Duty Aerial Ladder
Ascendant 110′ Heavy-Duty Aerial Platform

Commercial Pumper

Commercial pumpers incorporate the most popular Pierce features as standard options and at competitive prices. Standards include:

  • Aluminum body with high side spatter painted compartments on each side
  • LED lights
  • Roll-up doors
  • Enclosed ladder storage
  • Wrap-around tail lights
  • and Full width hose bed

The 1,250 gpm pump is inside a 34″ pumphouse, with easy access low height speedlays, and a full-sized cargo area above. Get larger over-wheel compartments and rubrails, with passenger’s side upper compartments that are a full 13″ deep.

Responder Pumper

Infinitely versatile, the Pierce® Responder Pumper gives you value-driven configurations that won’t compromise performance. Choose from more maneuverable wheelbase options, EMS equipment storage in cab, and the option of a third seat in the extended cab.

Hose bed access includes large rear tailboard, large edge steps, and intermediate step (1,000 and 1,250-gallon tanks).

Rescue Pumper

Nobody offers more body features, storage options, or compartment spaces when it comes to designing your rescue pumper.

Whatever the need – short body for urban mobility, compartmentation for extra gear – we configure each rescue pumper around the exact demands of every department.

PUC Pumper

The Pierce® PUC™ is the first modern tilt cab emergency response vehicle designed specifically for the response duties of today’s fire services. The PUC eliminates the pump-house so you can build your apparatus around your needs and not the pump. It minimizes vehicular space used for fire suppression and maximizes space for equipment while still providing big pump, foam and CAFS capabilities.

PUC removes the need to build the entire body around the pump and the pump-house. And it’s the first apparatus that offers the most complete single-source build, from the chassis and body, right down to the pump. PUC is available on pumpers, rescue pumpers, tankers and aerials.

Features: The first modern tilt cab emergency vehicle designed specifically for the response of today’s fire services, offering the most complete single-source build, from the chassis and body, right down to the pump.

Pump Panel: The 1500 gpm pump (rated from draft) weighs 30% less than most existing pumps on the market and comes with a 6-year standard warranty.

We enclosed the pump operators panel on the side mount to keep it clean of grime, grit, and moisture. The next generation Control Zone™ pump panel is designed to fit with the way you work:

  • Large lever control handles that lock to prevent valve creep under pressure
  • Multi-functional pressure governor
  • Extra-large engine RPM display
  • Fuel level monitoring
  • Pump prognostics

Midship Pumper

The Pierce® pumper body has a variety of body lengths available to provide flexibility. You can select the body that meets the demanding needs of the truck on scene.

A pumper is one of the most important investments you, your department and your community will ever make. We can help you determine what you need…short body for tight turning in the city, medium body to accommodate extra gear or a long body to haul a lot of water in the country? Call Golden State Fire today to talk to a trained, knowledgeable professional for help with all your questions.

Heavy Duty Rescue Pumper

Get bigger storage spaces and custom compartment sizes with up to 800 pounds of carrying capacity for each full-height compartment. Pierce® heavy-duty rescue pumpers maximize the usage, flow, and effectiveness of every square foot of space.