City of Sacramento Fire Department – 34940-1

Walk-In Rescue

Whether you need space for rehabilitation, personnel transport or incident command, Pierce® Walk-In Heavy Duty Rescues are customized for any level of response. Interiors are configured around specific needs to maximize storage and user capabilities.

• Capacity to integrate complex A /V, network and radio systems.
• Air tool systems, breathing air systems with compressors, hydraulic rescue tool systems and winching capabilities.
• Crew seating with storage.

Hazardous Materials

Have big equipment and crew needs? Our Combination Heavy Duty Rescues feature dedicated Walk-In and Non-Walk-In spaces to customize the way you transport, respond, store and more.

• Numerous seating and operations configurations.
• Various interior and compartment storage options.
• Tell us how you want it to work – Pierce engineers handle the rest.

Non-Walk-In Rescue

Pierce® Non-Walk-In Heavy Duty Rescues carve out every free inch of storage space in the lower body and atop the roof. Nothing goes to waste. Plus, you get maximum support through our exclusive underslung body support system.

• Maximum custom storage for any major rescue system.
• Exterior compartment weight evenly distributed to frame.
• Custom fabricated shelves and trays.