Rear Mount Platform

When maximum water flow and payload are essential, the Pierce Rear Mount Platform product is your choice. Every square inch has been designed to improve your safety and help you perform at your peak. The Pierce basket leveling system allows for smooth, precise leveling throughout the full range of aerial operation, making it easy to transport firefighters and victims. Easily access the basket from the ladder. A fully illuminated basket interior lets you see what you’re doing.

Ascendent® Class of Aerials

Go where no aerial apparatus has gone before! The Ascendent® Class of Aerials includes the following configurations:

Ascendant 100′ Heavy-Duty Aerial Tower
Ascendant 107′ Heavy-Duty Aerial Ladder
Ascendant 107′ Tiller Heavy-Duty Aerial Ladder
Ascendant 110′ Heavy-Duty Aerial Platform